Tattoo Aftercare

Your skin art has been hygienically applied with sterile equipment. To preserve a fresh, unfazed result, it is essential to avoid infection during the healing period. Always wash your hands with soap and water before applying cream or touching a new tattoo. Your new tattoo will take from five to ten days to heal, the healing time is related to the amount of physical damage to the skin and moisture in the area. The skin must be moisturised and protected from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

When you get home, gently wash the fresh tattoo (if possible within one hour of the completion of your new tattoo) in warm, running water. Do not use bar soap as it can contaminate and dry the fresh tattoo. Using antibacterial soap is not recommended, as the tattoo applied by a professional artist is done so using clean and aseptic techniques to avoid the introduction of ‘nasty’ bacteria.

The skin has a natural, friendly population of bacteria that actually help to protect the surface of the wound. Therefore, the use of antibacterial soap could kill any nasty bacteria if they were present, but would also greatly reduce the natural bacteria population and leave the skin without it’s primary defense mechanism.

After washing, rinse thoroughly. Do not use a wash cloth or sponge, pat dry, do not rub or scratch. After drying, wait 40 to 60 minutes to allow excess water in the tattoo to evaporate, and for any inflammation to subside. Apply Protat Aftercare Cream evenly over the tattooed skin, using only as much as the skin will absorb. Rub the cream in gently, as this will stimulate the skin and bring blood flow to the area which helps in the body’s natural healing process. Do not leave a thick film of cream on the surface.

Most people experience a mild tingling sensation after the first few applications, this is quite normal. After ten minutes or so, clothing will not stick to the tattoo. Apply cream 2 to 3 times a day, or as necessary to keep the tattoo slightly moist. DO NOT allow the tattoo to dry out.

Wear clean clothes, avoid close fitting clothes as they may absorb cream and dry the freshly tattooed skin. If you suffer from any allergies, seek advice from your GP and advise your body artist. Discontinue use of any products should irritation occur.

During the healing period avoid: sunbathing, chlorine, soaking in a bath, unwashed clothes, touching with unwashed hands, scratching, salt water, oral contact and swimming.

Piercing Aftercare

Your piercing has been carried out in hygienic surroundings with sterile equipment. It is essential to avoid infection during what can be a lengthy healing period. During the healing period do not touch the jewellery or piercing with unwashed hands.

Without removing the jewellery, apply undiluted Protat Natural Sea Salt Plus Tea Tree Spray sparingly. Carefully remove all the crusting with a cotton tip moistened with the product. Be gentle. Apply again and blot off excess liquid with a clean tissue, leaving a residue on the piercing. Repeat this procedure twice daily. Overcleaning can damage new cells. Under cleaning can invite infection.

Always discontinue use of any product, should irritation develop.

During healing avoid: Rotating jewellery, soaking in a bath or spa, oral contact, chlorine, overcleaning, bar soaps, touching with unwashed hands, tight and unwashed clothing, changing jewellery until healed, shampoo and conditioner residue.

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