With thirteen years of experience tattooing, Sonia is both our most experienced artist and the founder of Ink’d Tattoo Studio. Sonia does not limit herself to a particular style of tattooing, but does have a soft spot for cartoon or heavily stylised images, as well as floral pieces. When Sonia discovered tattooing, she found her calling in life, not only through the art, but the interactions with new people every day.


Having joined Ink’d Tattoo Studio just one month after its opening in 2017, Chalky has been with us from the start. Over the years, he has dedicated his time to perfecting his craft, and has a particular interest in fine line work and greywash tattoos. Chalky has had a love of drawing since he was quite young, which led him to studying Graphic Design for four years before joining the team.


Ally is the apprentice here at Ink’d tattoo. She has always been creative and artistically inclined. After delving into photography she set her sights on furthering her artistic journey and in September 2020 began her apprenticeship with us as a tattoo artist.


Selena started at Ink’d in January 2020. She has always had a love for art since a young age, having been raised by artists for parents. Lena loves to do realism and greywash pieces.

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