Our Studio

When you walk through our doors, Sonia will be your first point of contact, greeting you with a smile. She will walk you through the paperwork and answer any questions that you have, all while ensuring that you feel at ease.

Shortly thereafter, your artist will present the stencil of your tattoo for your final confirmation, making sure that you are one 100% happy with the design, before taking you through to one of our private studio rooms.

Our foremost priorities at Ink’d are customer satisfaction and a clean and sterile environment. Before and between every tattoo, our equipment is cleaned thoroughly and sanitised. All of our equipment and needles are single-use disposable items.

After every tattoo we supply our customers with detailed instructions and aftercare cream for the weeks to come. We encourage continued contact for any questions and updates.

Proper hygiene is so appreciated, we cannot stress that enough! Please shower and wear antiperspirant prior to your appointment and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting ink on.

Payment Options

We accept both cash and eftpos. We also work with two different payment platforms; Ink Pay and Ink Money, so that you can get your dream tattoo now and then pay later.

Gift Vouchers


We have a strictly adhered to COVID-19 Safety Plan in place at Ink’d Tattoo Studio and are committed to keeping you safe. We stay updated with all advise and regulations given by the NSW Health Department in relation to COVID-19 and adjust our safety plan accordingly.

We ask that every client checks in to our studio with the Service NSW app via the QR code displayed at the front desk.

If you are feeling unwell please contact us to reschedule your booking.

Hand sanitiser and hand wash are both provided freely in the lobby, so please make use of them both to keep you and our staff safe during these times.

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