Jack (Chalky) is a young and inspiring artist. I came in with a bunch of ideas and Jack was quick to explain the size, fonts and positioning of each tattoo. Jack is very thorough, articulate and smooth with his work. Nothing was too much, everything was precise, very professional and he wouldn’t stop until it looked immaculate. Highly recommend young Jack. Will be definitely seeing him again very soon. Thanks Chalky.

Rashed Wannous

Jack and Ian both done pieces on my arm and turned out so well! Coming back here to finish off my sleeve in the next few months. Would definitely recommend the both of them.

Emma Moore

Had Sonia do my tattoo today and she done an amazing job. absolutely in love with my new tattoo. Thank you so much Sonia. Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants ink.

Barbara Ross

Excellent service, super friendly and amazing work.

Sharri Williams

100% recommend Jack as an artist, amazing work. very professional and friendly. couldn’t be happier with my new tattoo.

Kira Wilson

Such a friendly and professional atmosphere! Highly recommend.

Katrina Beaton

I am absolutely in love with my new tattoo. Jack did an amazing job. The most polite, well spoken young guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will most definitely be back some time soon. Jack you are awesome and your work is incredible

Rachel Sharp

I would like to thank Jack for doing such an amazing job on my tattoo. He made sure I was comfortable made sure the tattoo was in place where I like it he did an amazing job would highly recommend!

Ebony Hayes

Got ink done by Ash and honestly her work is amazing. So fluid with the gun and quick. I loved her work she did. Will definitely be coming back for more once I’m in Sydney next. Highly recommend Ash to get work done.

Tay Teipo Tago

Selena was AMAZING, love my wolf tattoo , and I’ll be back. Very professional, clean. Selena is a AMAZING Artist. Thank you.

Julie Luban

My brother and I went in and got some script and Roman numeral tattoos done here, and besides how AMAZING they turned out. The service here was immaculate, they’re all so welcoming and my brothers first tattoo experience was so great! 100000/10 would recommend Inkd Tattoo – they really go above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. Thank you all so much!

Losano Fono

I would like to thank Ian for doing such an amazing job on my tattoo. He made it a comfortable experience for my first tattoo. Thank you so much I love it.

Timara Ivy

Ian done a mad job on this for me. My mates have given good compliments on Ian’s work and my choice of design.

Ivan Canadic

I had very meaningful tattoos done for my first two tattoos done in a shop. The first was for my transition and the second was a memorial for my grandmother… VERY HAPPY with the results! Thanks heaps Jack!!!

Nathanial Page

Second tattoo done at Ink’d. This one had a lot of white in it. Was talked out of it by Ian as it had potential to ruin the tattoo. Which ultimately meant paying less then originally quoted. These guys are not only great artists but are genuine and honest. I would recommend them to anyone. Won’t be going anywhere else.

Andrew Bennett

First time getting tattooed and can’t thank jack enough the whole experience was amazing and he’s work professional definitely look forward to more work and will be telling everyone to go here.

Karen Morris

My first tattoo done by Ian he done an absolutely amazing job. Made me feel so comfortable. Highly would recommend Ian. Got my second tattoo done by Sonia she did an absolutely amazing job. Would also recommend Sonia. Thank you hun

Louise Hullt

Got my hand tattooed by Ian yesterday. He done an Amazing and precise piece and he was very friendly and welcoming. Definitely will be getting more work done by him and the Ink’d crew.

Matt Essam

Wow Jack so gentle clean lines. Best experience ive had getting tattooed. Will be back for more.

Melinda Faddy

Jack, you made my little bee look amazing! Super happy, have already received a heap of compliments!! Will be back to get more work done from you!

Simone Ann

Really awesome place to get a tattooed. Selena you are the best. Thank you.

Michelle May Hickson

Got my sons birthday done today in Roman Numerals, I had Ian as my artist and he did an amazing job! I really love how it turned out.

Anastasia Saunders

Sonia is just amazing, she did a tattoo behind my left ear today and it was more painful when I had tattoo’s done on my arms. Sonia is incredibly gentle. Will be going back for more ink, on my collar bone and another behind my right ear. I cannot recommend Ink’d Tattoo highly enough.

Recka Norris

Got tattooed by Jack. Was an amazing experience and will definitely be back!

Mekalaa Leigh

First time getting a tattoo just over a week ago and Ian was fantastic. The the line work was incredible and the healing process has been great.

Luke Murphy

I was so unsure of what I actually wanted to get tattooed. Selena did an amazing design and I think it turned out so good! I’ll definitely be back for more.

Emma Boyd

I was tattooed by Selena and she was honestly amazing, thank you so much.

Kate Elinor

Sonia has once again done an incredible job. She brought my Phoenix tattoo back to life on my forearm, with some amazing colour highlights, and because I’ve never been able to wear my wedding band, Sonia crafted a great tattoo ring, so now I wear my wedding band with pride. Thanks Sonia, for a terrific experience!

Ian John Norris

Thank you guys so much. I absolutely love my ink. A big thank you to Sonia for the design. It means the world to me. I will definitely be back for more. You made my day brighter yesterday.

Karina Kay

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